Monday, 27 February 2017

ReachMeet 2017

ReachMeet 2017 is coming up in a couple of weeks on the 13th of March and we'd love as many of our 2G parents to come along as possible!

It is always a fantastic evening of sharing and learning more about how and why we do things the way we do in Primary at MACC.

For the workshops, you get to choose which information sessions are of interest to you and that you'd like to learn more about.

Please register via the MACC App and feel free to bring along any friends or family members who might be considering MACC for their child.

Hope to see you there!

Our Super Science Experiment - Part 3

Last Friday we checked in on our experiment results and made our final observations about which cups had their substance dissolved and which ones worked better than others in the hot and cold water cups etc.  

After we'd checked them all out and compared our finding to our original hypotheses, we cleaned everything up.

Well done 2G for your wonderful scientific effort and discovery! You're amazing!

Parent Helpers

Calling all parent helpers!

If you are able to give some time regularly or even just now and then we would love to have you come and visit 2G!
If you are interested, please see the form below on the MACC App to advise of your days and times for availability using the App. We totally understand life is busy and please don't feel obligated but if you're keen and have the time, we'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Week 4 Awards

Well done to Zoey, Molly and Joshua for receiving merit awards this week! 

Here they are up on stage after receiving their awards from Mrs Harris...

Here they are proudly showing us their awards back in the classroom...

Way to go superstars! Keep up the fantastic effort!

Our Super Science Experiment - Part 2

Our Super Science Experiment learning all about dissolving continued this week when we repeated the experiment but this time used hotter water (rather than cold water like we did the first time) and also varied the quantities of substances added to the cups. 

First off we checked out our results from the first part of the experiment to see how much of the substances had dissolved or settled in the base of the cups overnight... 

We then added each of the substances (artificial sweetener, salt, chicken salt, pepper, curry powder, coffee mix, hot chocolate, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon and sesame seeds) to the cups of hot water (which Mrs Gorrie had already poured for us and we were careful not to handle - safety first!) :)

We gave each experiment cup a good stir and watched what happened to the substances, whether they dissolved or not...

We found that many of the substances dissolved better in hot water than in cold. We discussed why this could be and there were some very interesting ideas expressed from our amazing 2G scientists...

We concluded that some substances dissolve more in hot water because the heat of the water breaks them down more, mixing them in more easily.

One surprising result that we found was that even though the sesame seeds didn't dissolve in hot or cold water, they turned a darker colour in the cup of hot water. We concluded that the hot water must have cooked them slightly, therefore making them a bit darker.

It was also interesting that our scientists observed that when they were stirring the cups the second time around that the wooden paddle pop stick stirrers felt slightly sticky or 'rubbery' in the base of their cup, so we talked about how this could be tiny particles of the plastic cup disintegrating or it could be because of the heat expanding the wood. This lead into a terrific discussion!

In the recent very hot weather, we noticed that our classroom door was tricky to open and close as it was getting stuck slightly on the door jam surround because the heat had made the wooden door expand. It was wonderful to connect our thinking back to that concept. Science really is all around us!

Well done on your amazing participation in this class experiment 2G! Keep up the terrific thinking and questioning. It's so wonderful seeing your brains working hard as you explore scientific concepts and make discoveries. Way to go champions!

Bridging to 10 in Maths

We have been learning all about Addition and Subtraction as our Number focus topic in Maths. 

We have been revising and practicing all different strategies for adding and taking away numbers including counting on, doubling, halving, friends of ten, the jump strategy and bridging to ten. 

Bridging to ten is a strategy also known as bridging to decades where we 'bridge' up or down to the nearest ten and then count on to complete the remainder of the question so for instance the problem to solve is 18 + 7 = ? Using the bridging to ten strategy, we would bridge to the nearest ten which would be 20 and then add on the remaining 5 from the 7 to reach the answer of 25. 

We did lots of hands on practice with concrete materials such as counters and matchsticks to practice and used number lines also to visually represent our bridging to ten work, as well as recording them in writing. To reinforce the concept we played some games on the interactive whiteboard to help our mathematical thinking as well. 

 Here's Molly and Dwayne showing us the games Catapult Count On and Space Jump which both focus on the bridging to ten strategy. Great participation champions!

Here's the links to the games if you'd like to try them out at home...

Catapult Count On Bridging to 10 Game:

Space Jump Bridging to 10 Game:

Keep up the terrific work 2G Maths superstars!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Our Super Science Experiment - Part 1

In Science we have been learning all about mixtures in our Mix It Up! topic.

We did this fun Science experiment to see which substances from a range of 10 different food products found in a kitchen would dissolve in cold water and which ones wouldn't.

We revised some of our scientific language we've been learning about related to mixtures such as soluble, insoluble, dissolvable and non-dissolvable.

We made hypotheses about each of the substances and how we thought they might behave. There were some very interesting predictions and well thought out answers. Well done 2G super scientists!

We tried stirring in artificial sweetener, regular salt, chicken salt (to observe if a different kind of salt would behave differently in mixing), pepper, curry powder, coffee, chocolate powder, ground ginger, ground nutmeg and sesame seeds.

We observed the mixtures during the stirring process and what they did immediately after, as some looked like they had dissolved but then started to settle on the base of the cup. Some of the substances partially dissolved and stayed like that. Others almost dissolved completely! It was very interesting to see the differences and similarities we observed.

Here's some pictures of some of us pouring and stirring, helping each other and watching what happened...

When we were all done with the stirring of the mixtures, we looked at each of them to test out our predictions and discuss the preliminary results...

These pictures show our experiment an hour later, there were some differences in the substances settling.

We left the mixtures overnight to see the results and any changes today. We will be continuing this experiment so stay tuned for part 2!

Keep up the super work 2G Science stars! Well done!

Building Our Reading Stamina

In Daily 5, one of the things we do is Read to Self.

We began at the start of the year talking about what Read to Self looks like, sounds like and feels like and put these in an anchor chart to refer back to.

We then started building our stamina by working towards our goal of reading for 30 minutes without stopping.

Whenever someone stops reading or for instance starts chatting or distracting others then we stop the timer and that is the time we record for that day.

Here's our progress so far. Some days we didn't beat our old time but we celebrated the days we did set a new record.

Here we all are practicing our Read to Self skills...

How cute is this! Even Tiago's Pikachu got in on the building reading stamina action! :)

Keep up the terrific reading 2G! It's so wonderful to see you building your stamina and working together as a team to reach our goals! Way to go reading stars!