Sunday, 19 February 2017

2D Shape Art

We have been learning all about 2D Shapes in Maths so we used that as our inspiration for these artworks where we drew different shapes of our choice and coloured them in using oil pastels. 

Here's some photos us working hard on our colourful shape creations...

Keep up the wonderul work you amazing 2G artists!


  1. Dear 2G,

    I love what you have done using 2D shapes it looks amazing you guys are so good at it keep up the great work.

    What is your favourite 2D or 3D shape ?

    From Joshua.G 6T

    1. Dear Joshua,
      Thanks so much for looking on our blog and commenting. We love getting comments! Thank you for your kind words about our 2D shape work, we have been having lots of fun exploring them and learning more about their properties.
      We asked the class your question and here are some of their answers...
      Mikayla, Ben & Dwayne - 3D square-based pyramid
      Harry, Ace, Isaac, Rhea & Darwyn - 3D cone
      Eddie, Zac, Josh, Archer, Aiden, Tiago & Ewan - 3D cube
      Piper & Lacey - 3D triangular-based pyramid
      Katelyn - 3D cylinder
      Zoey & Molly - 3D sphere
      So our favourites were all 3D shapes!
      Katelyn asked Mrs Gorrie what her favourite shape was and she said a fancy shape called a dodecahedron. Have you heard of one of those before?
      We hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!
      From 2G and Mrs Gorrie :)