Saturday, 25 February 2017

Bridging to 10 in Maths

We have been learning all about Addition and Subtraction as our Number focus topic in Maths. 

We have been revising and practicing all different strategies for adding and taking away numbers including counting on, doubling, halving, friends of ten, the jump strategy and bridging to ten. 

Bridging to ten is a strategy also known as bridging to decades where we 'bridge' up or down to the nearest ten and then count on to complete the remainder of the question so for instance the problem to solve is 18 + 7 = ? Using the bridging to ten strategy, we would bridge to the nearest ten which would be 20 and then add on the remaining 5 from the 7 to reach the answer of 25. 

We did lots of hands on practice with concrete materials such as counters and matchsticks to practice and used number lines also to visually represent our bridging to ten work, as well as recording them in writing. To reinforce the concept we played some games on the interactive whiteboard to help our mathematical thinking as well. 

 Here's Molly and Dwayne showing us the games Catapult Count On and Space Jump which both focus on the bridging to ten strategy. Great participation champions!

Here's the links to the games if you'd like to try them out at home...

Catapult Count On Bridging to 10 Game:

Space Jump Bridging to 10 Game:

Keep up the terrific work 2G Maths superstars!

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