Tuesday, 14 February 2017


This morning we headed over to the church auditorium for Chapel.

This year Chapel is replacing our old Church Time and had been restructured to have a primary and secondary focus and run on alternate weeks. 

We sang some songs led by our awesome secondary students worship band.

Our College Chaplain, Jason gave a talk about living our best life and facing challenges. We played a  blindfold game to help illustrate for us how we need direction in our lives and how we can get lost in life if we don't know where we are going. Jason talked to us about how God has a plan for our life and wants to guide our lives and hearts. He told us about how God is like a GPS and can give us directions to help us head down the right path in life and not get lost making bad choices.

Our next Chapel time will be in two weeks, on Tuesday morning and we look forward to continuing the theme 'Everest' which Jason introduced today for this term's Chapel sessions. 

Well done 2G for your great participation in Chapel today! Great job! 

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