Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Birthday Molly!

We had lots of fun celebrating Molly's birthday with her.

Molly's family sent in a special cake for us all to share and we sang Happy Birthday to her and enjoyed some cake for morning tea.

We hope you had a wonderful day Molly! Thank you for letting us join in your birthday celebrations.

Happy birthday gorgeous girl!


  1. Hi 2G I went on your blog, I just want to say to Molly- Happy birthday Molly, I hope all your wishes came true. I hope you had the best birthday ever. And 2G I'm going to bring bunnies tomorrow. Love from Lacey

    1. Hi Lacey,
      Thanks for your lovely blog comment. Molly really loved your comment. Thank you for your kind words. Do you love having birthdays Lacey? Your bunnies sound very interesting, we are wondering if they are real furry animal bunnies or a different kind?
      We hope you are having a thrilling Thursday!
      From the rest of 2G and Mrs Gorrie :)

  2. Hi 2G
    I just want to say to molly happy BIRTHDAY 🎉
    what's your favourite present 🎁 your got ever molly?
    Have a working day 🏗🏗🏗
    From ben
    p.s. My record now on live Mathletics is 77

    1. Hi Ben,
      Thanks for being such a terrific blogger and leaving us another great comment. Molly said to say thank you very much and that the best present she has ever received is her toy dragon. What's your best ever present Ben?
      We hope you are having a thrilling, thinking Thursday! :)
      From the rest of 2G and Mrs Gorrie