Sunday, 19 February 2017

Hunting for Right Angles

As part of our learning all about 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes and their properties in Maths we did a right angle hunt around our classroom and found there were hundreds and hundreds of them hiding all around the place!

We found them in the corners of objects such as the interactive whiteboard, windows, doors, posters, books, boxes and even on the carpet floor squares!

Here's some pictures of us hunting down those tricky right angles...

We then played a game on the interactive whiteboard to consolidate our knowledge of right angles and practice finding them on a soccer field. This was a fun game because it helped us learn more about angles through sports, which lots of us love playing in our spare time. Katelyn did a great job as our leader for this activity...

Here's a link to the game...

Hitting the Target - Learning Angles Through Sports Game:

Well done on your terrific right angles work 2G! It was so wonderful to see you having so much fun finding angles and engaging so strongly in your learning and mathematical thinking! Great job!

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