Thursday, 16 February 2017

Super Sports Stars

We headed over to the MPH today and had some fun doing Sport with all of Stage 1. 

We are focusing on the sports Touch Football, Tee-Ball and Cricket this term. 

We have been divided into three sports groups called the Wonderful Winners, Super Stars and Cheering Champions. 

Each group participates in each of the sports for 3 weeks at a time, honing in on skills particular to that sport and playing modified games and drills before rotating on to their next 3 week block on another sport. 

Mrs Gorrie is running the Touch Football sessions, Mrs Fuller is doing Tee-Ball and Mrs Shabaya is teaching us Cricket skills. 

It's so much fun getting to work with different teachers and join in with our friends from 1/2F and 1S. It's wonderful to see lots of encouragement and good sportsmanship happening too with students getting in and having a go and building up each other with their words during sport time. 

Here's some pictures from our learning session today...

Mrs Gorrie's Touch Footy group the Cheering Champions played a game of ball tag to warm up...

Today we focused on our passing and catching skills and learnt about how to intercept a ball. We did this fun drill which was kind of like the good old 'Piggy in the Middle' game lots of us know but instead of throwing the ball over the person in the middle's head, we had to work with our other partner to run out to either side from behind and pass the ball to them without the student in between us intercepting it. If they did manage to intercept the ball, then we swapped over and gave them a turn at passing and catching...

Mrs Fuller's Tee-Ball group the Super Stars were hard at work practicing their batting skills off the tee. Great job

Mrs Shabaya was working with the Wonderful Winners group on their Cricket skills. They had a go at batting the ball from a stationary ball rest to practice direction and accuracy in batting...

Congratulations 2G sports stars on your amazing skills, participation and effort! Keep up the terrific work champions!

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