Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day

We talked lots today about love and how much God loves us and how we can show kindness and care to others.

We made special Valentine's messages for our families and laminated them with a Bible verse about love from Philippians 13:4-7.

We had some special treats this afternoon when we found a little surprise on our desks after lunch...

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our 2G superstars and their families!


  1. Hi 2G I really love the pictures of Valentine's Day on the blog. I have a Question to ask Aiden are you filing better when you were not filling well. I hope you are filling all better from Archer

    1. Hi Archer,
      Thanks for another great comment on the blog. You are a blogging star! We are so glad you liked the Valentine's Day pictures. We asked Aiden your question and he said yes, thanks, he is feeling much better.
      We hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!
      From the rest of 2G and Mrs Gorrie :)