Sunday, 2 April 2017

Personal Interest Projects

Well done to all the students who have completed their PIPs (Personal Interest Projects) as part of Homework. It has been wonderful seeing you bring them in so proudly to school to share with us.

We have loved hearing your presentations and are very impressed with all of your hard work and research into your topic of choice.

It is interesting how varied the choice of topics are and how different students have chosen to present them so differently, adding their own unique touches.

Here's pictures of all of our PIP presentations...

Congratulations to all of our PIP presenters on your amazing projects and effort. Keep up the fantastic work 2G!

1 comment:

  1. Hi 2G,
    Great job to Rhea, Tiago, Zoey, Darwyn, Aiden, Lacey, Harry, Piper, Ewaan, Isaac,
    I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday.
    Love Katelyn
    P.S Good luck with your baby Mrs Gorrie xxx