Friday, 19 May 2017

Role Model of the Week- BEN

Congratulations to Ben for being our Role Model of the Week!
Ben is a fabulous role model in 2W, displaying a consistent and committed attitude in all areas of class work! Well Done Ben! Keep up the great work!

Term 2 Week 4 Student Awards

Congratulations to Jett, Dwayne and Tiago for working hard this week! These three boys were caring, creative and engaged learners this week . Keep it up!

Creative Writing

To help encourage 2W to try something new in writing today we used a picture as a prompt to help give us ideas for our stories. The students selected from a range of photos and spent time thinking about the Who, What, When, Where, Why of these pictures and then write a story. The students imaginations ran wild! We had sand monsters, Grandma's on scooters, soldiers on parachutes, cars that could drive themselves, pet sharks, a girl with 920 siblings...


Little Athletics Instagram Post

2W have featured on the MACC Insight Instagram page!!
Showing off some of the new skills we learnt at the Little Athletics Program!

To stay not only up to date with all that's happening in 2W but the entire MACC community be sure to check out the MACC Insight Instagram page.

World of Maths

Mr Wilson from World of Maths visited our school on Thursday. He brought along Maths games for students to enjoy, and without even realising that they were completing Maths tasks and applying Mathematical thinking skills. The session went for just over an hour and students rotated through 14 activities which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Monday, 15 May 2017

The Day Miss Woodcock met Kevin!

Last week on her way back from a meeting Miss Woodcock said a quick hello to Kevin, one of the school's Alpacas... Needless to say, Kevin and Miss Woodcock will not be hanging out any time soon! 

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Role Model of the Week- HARRY

Congratulations to Harry for being our Role Model of the Week!
This week Harry has set a great example for the class by focussing and taking responsibility for his learning. Well Done Harry! Keep up the great work!


Sending much love to all the 2W mum's today for Mother's Day!

We hope you enjoyed reading the "Little Book About MY AMAZING MUM!" and will treasure our cute little bookmarks.

I pray you are having a fabulous day and spending some amazing time together as a family in this beautiful sunshine!

I made you this flower, with my fingers and thumb, so you will have these memories, for all the years to come!

Reading with Mrs Turner's Care Group

Each Thursday morning for the rest of the term, Mrs Turner's Care Group (Roll Call Class) made up of 17 Year 9 and 10 girls, will be joining 2W and helping us during reading.

These gorgeous girls saw that their time in Care Group each morning could be put to better use by helping out somewhere in the school. Together the girls approached Mrs Turner to see if she could help them find a good use for their two hand and beautiful servant hearts... and 2W are thrilled that they will be helping US!

The girls will join 2W between 8:30-8:50 each Thursday and will pair off with a Year 2 student to listen and support them in their reading.

If there are any other parents or people within the extended 2W community with two listening ears and 20 minutes to spare the class are always eagerly looking for more people to show off our fabulous reading to! This can be as regular or as casual as your routine/schedule allows. Feel free to comment below, catch up with Miss Woodcock at drop off/pick up time or contact her through the school office.

As we have displayed in our classroom- The more you read, the more things you will know!

Role Model of the Week- ISAAC

Congratulations to Isaac for being our Role Model of the Week!
This week Isaac has set a great example for the class by being a great listener and participating in group discussions! Well Done Isaac! Keep up the great work!

Term 2 Week 2 Student Awards


Congratulations to Archer, Ben and Ace for working hard this week! These three boys had stand out attitudes during Daily 5 and Maths. Awesome work!

Parent Teacher Interviews


Thankyou to all parents who attended this weeks Parent Teacher Interviews.
It was fantastic to meet you all. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you more and learning more about the learning goals you have for your children and the ways we can partner together to achieve these. If you were unable to attend the evening, please do not hesitate contact the school office and arrange a time for us to sit down and talk about your child's progress.

Ps... If you have not returned your "High 5" hands could you please send these to school with your child in a sealed envelope ASAP! I'd love to surprise the children with this display this week :)

100's Chart


In Maths we have been looking at the numbers 0-100- Skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's  up to 100, the sequencing of numbers, what comes before and after each number and counting forwards and backwards.

To help visualise the numbers 1-100 and their order we made 100's Chart Puzzles.
We cut the 100's chart into pieces and put it back together, we then tested our friends by swapping puzzles and completing each others!

The class loved this activity so much they asked to take it home for homework!

Role Model of the Week- RHEA


Congratulations to Rhea for being our first Role Model of the Week!
This week Rhea has set a great example for the class by being a quiet and conscientious worker! Well Done Rhea! Keep up the great work!

Role Model of the Week

In order to be able to celebrate the achievements of students 2W now has a "Role Model of the Week". This is similar to the Student of the Day from Term 1, however enables the class to acknowledge their stand out efforts for a full week!

Each Friday afternoon, a student is congratulated on being a great Role Model for the class! They are presented with a "Role Model of the Week" award and a prize from the prize box.

When they return to school on Monday they are able to sit at the 'Slippery Slide Desk' next to Miss Woodcock's table. The student sits nice and close to me so they can be my "Assistant"- just like in real office jobs, where the Assistant's office or desk is close to the Boss!

During the week the Role Model of the Week will complete a questionnaire so the class can get to know them better, and will also attend Morning Tea with Mrs Pope.

All About Me Bags!


All About Me News Bags!

This week for Speaking and Listening 2W filled a brown paper bag with 3 things that about them!
Things that they loved, cherish or like to do.

Miss Woodcock even joined in on the action and brought in her All About Me Bag, filling it with 3 things that represented her!
  • Family Photos
  • Coffee Cup
  • Candle

It was clear that the children put a lot of thought into the items what they bought in and this preparation was evident in the clear and confident manner in which they spoke to the class. Thankyou to all parents who assisted this at home this week! Thank you for printing photos and trusting your children to bring in very precious items.  

In order for the whole class to see each others Bags and be able get to know each other better, this week instead of presenting in small groups, News was presented to the whole class. 2W did a fantastic job of projecting their voice so the class could hear them clearly, and making eye contact- absolute natural public speakers!

We also talked about what the role of an audience is and how the audience shows respect to the presenter/performer. We were lucky enough to draw on Harry's recent exerience on stage for some inside information like at what time the audenice clap to say thankyou, whether they talk during the presentation/performance and learnt about "Intermission"- the time set aside to use the bathroom etc, so all the audience members can stay and enjoy the whole presentation.

Here are a few shots of News in action!

Term 2 Week 1 Student Awards


Congratulations to Ewan, Piper and Mikayla for all their hard word and committed attitudes to learning this week! Fabulous effort!

3/4H Data Collection


Just like in 2W, this week 3/4H have been learning all about Data.
They visited our classroom today to gather data. They surveyed the class asking what was each of our favourite animals. We had 6 options to choose from:
  • Dog
  • Rabbit
  • Dolphin
  • Tiger
  • Snake
  • Other
They used tally marks to record each class members answer and returned to their classroom to graph the data.

Thank you to Mrs Harris and 3/4H for including our class in your learning!