Saturday, 13 May 2017

All About Me Bags!


All About Me News Bags!

This week for Speaking and Listening 2W filled a brown paper bag with 3 things that about them!
Things that they loved, cherish or like to do.

Miss Woodcock even joined in on the action and brought in her All About Me Bag, filling it with 3 things that represented her!
  • Family Photos
  • Coffee Cup
  • Candle

It was clear that the children put a lot of thought into the items what they bought in and this preparation was evident in the clear and confident manner in which they spoke to the class. Thankyou to all parents who assisted this at home this week! Thank you for printing photos and trusting your children to bring in very precious items.  

In order for the whole class to see each others Bags and be able get to know each other better, this week instead of presenting in small groups, News was presented to the whole class. 2W did a fantastic job of projecting their voice so the class could hear them clearly, and making eye contact- absolute natural public speakers!

We also talked about what the role of an audience is and how the audience shows respect to the presenter/performer. We were lucky enough to draw on Harry's recent exerience on stage for some inside information like at what time the audenice clap to say thankyou, whether they talk during the presentation/performance and learnt about "Intermission"- the time set aside to use the bathroom etc, so all the audience members can stay and enjoy the whole presentation.

Here are a few shots of News in action!

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