Saturday, 13 May 2017

Role Model of the Week

In order to be able to celebrate the achievements of students 2W now has a "Role Model of the Week". This is similar to the Student of the Day from Term 1, however enables the class to acknowledge their stand out efforts for a full week!

Each Friday afternoon, a student is congratulated on being a great Role Model for the class! They are presented with a "Role Model of the Week" award and a prize from the prize box.

When they return to school on Monday they are able to sit at the 'Slippery Slide Desk' next to Miss Woodcock's table. The student sits nice and close to me so they can be my "Assistant"- just like in real office jobs, where the Assistant's office or desk is close to the Boss!

During the week the Role Model of the Week will complete a questionnaire so the class can get to know them better, and will also attend Morning Tea with Mrs Pope.

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