Friday, 2 June 2017

Start Smart Incursion- MACC Insight Instagram Post

2W have featured on the MACC Insight Instagram page!! This post featured the students enjoying the Start Smart Incursion.

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Shot Put!

This week the focus of out Little Athletics lesson was SHOT PUT!
Here are some cool videos using an app called "Boomerang".

Playground, play, come play in the playground, PLAYGROUND!

I love my break times spent on playground duty, not only because it is a chance to get out in the sunshine and get a good dose of vitamin C but because it means I can watch the students, run and explore, try new things, experiment and problem solve and have a great time.

Here are a few shots of some of the sorts of things I've captured 2W getting up to in the playground the last few weeks.

The Two Tie Boys!

Whally???? Where are you????
Eddie and Dwayne playing Basketball 
Marbles and Pokemon!

They call me BOND- Ewan Bond!!

Term 2 Week 5 Student Awards

Congratulations to Isaac, Katelyn and Molly for working hard this week! These three students were showed commitment in writing, maths as well as news/speaking and listening this week . Keep it up!

Role Model of the Week - Aiden

Congratulations to Aiden for being our Role Model of the Week!
Aiden is an awesome role model in 2W, he shows enthusiasm and commitment in all areas of class work! Well Done Aiden! Keep up the great work!

Primary Assembly

Congratulations to Ace & Jett for receiving awards for their efforts in Science!

NOUN Town!

Today we learned more about nouns!
We learnt a quick song then put our knowledge into action by making a Noun Town!
We worked together in groups to draw a town and then labeled all the nouns!
Have a look and see what you think!