Sunday, 27 August 2017

INVENTIONS- Research Task

Please see below information regarding Term 3's PIP/ Research Task emailed to families last week. More information regarding the Task will continue to be posted on the Homework /Projects page. Please see page menu above. 


Should your child wish to further research their Invention/item of technology at home prior to their Journal being sent home, here is a list of the students chosen topics:

Ben- Consoles
Jett- Toilets
Tiago- Cars
Harry- Pillows
Ace- Soccerboots
Isaac- Pyramids
Katelyn- Printers
Aiden- racing cars
Archer- Dirt Bikes
Josh- Drones
Zoey- Electric Blanket
Lacey-  Vaccum Cleaner
Mikayla- Hot air Balloon
Piper- Mobile / Cell phone
Dwayne-  Ozobots
Eddie- Xbox
Rhea-   Motor Bikes

If your child's name is not on the above list they were either absent or undecided, they can therefore they can chose any other invention not listed. 

See below a list of useful websites for the Invention Research Task:

Please do not hesitate to email me or contact me through school reception should you have any questions.

Miss Woodcock :)

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

To finish off a week of working hard we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
This movie is FULL of inventions.
We stopped throughout the movie to discuss these and the problems these inventions were aiming to solve/ how this invention makes life easier. 

We saw a...

  • Spray On Shoes- "Solves the shoe tying epidemic"!
  • Remote Control TV- makes watching TV more comfy and convenient
  • Hair Un-balder!!!!!- instead of waiting for your hair to grow, this invention creates instant hair!
  • Flying Car- makes travelling quicker
  • Monkey Thought Translator- enables us to understand Monkeys!
  • Rat-Birds- not necessarily solving a problem but we agreed this is a creative and original idea!
.... and these ones were just in the first 3 minutes!

Some other inventions we saw were:
  • Machine that turns water into food
  • Tunnels underground connecting the main characters house to places- making like more convenient for him
  • Satellites
  • Dang-ometre: measures danger!
  • Machine that collects leftovers
  • A TV the size of a sky scraper
  • Automatic hand!

Read To Someone- The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This morning for Read to Someone we read our first drafts of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff".

In writing this term we are focusing on the process of story writing, from the very beginning and planning our writing, through to drafting, editing and publishing our work. 

Reading these stories aloud helped us to see some of the errors we made while writing, including missing words, sentence structure and the feedback from our listeners helped us understand whether we had written using enough detail. 

My Oh My What a Marvelous Time Measuring

This week in Maths we have explored Measurement.

In pairs we used a 100cm (1m) ruler to measure various parts of our body.

The length of Zoey's knee to her ankle is 34cm!
The length of Mikayla's elbow to her wrist is 28cm!
The width of Isaac's smile is 8cm!
the distance from one of Archer's shoulders to the other is 30cm!
Dwayne's hair is 7cm long!
Molly's pinky is 3cm!
Tiago's head is 17cm long!
Harry's eye is 3cm long!
The distance from Lacey's elbow to the tip of the fingers is 27cm!
Eddie's thumb is 4cm!
Ben's foot is 25cm long!
Aiden's hair is between 4 and 5cm long!
The length of Piper's leg from her hip to her knee is 44cm!
Jett's leg is 68cm long! 
The length of Rhea's hair is 57cm!
The length of Ace's nose from bridge to tip is 3 (almost 4) cm!
Josh's eyes are 2cm apart!

We also measured how tall we are in cm, comparing our height to the heights of other famous people and characters we know. 
This info will be posted ASAP!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Technology study- Photography

Our investigation intoTechnology of the past lead us today to Photography!

We looked at not only how the product/photo has changed over time but also the process of taking a photo has changed.

To demonstrate this learning we created our own photos to show the progress technology has made and the effect this has on the photos produced.

We first used a filter to create a Black and White photo. This type of photo was first used in the 1820's (now almost 200 years ago!). Shortly after, in the early 1900's, photos which were more beige in colour began to be taken. We used another filter to create this effect. We have a full colour photo, as well as a highly edited photo to demonstrate the technology that we can use today when taking photos. 


Saturday, 19 August 2017

Where In The World Are We!?!

To help us understand our position and location in the world we have been using Google Maps.

We have used Google Maps to explore Australia's location in the world, New South Wales location in Australia and the location of our home in relation to all of these places.

We have investigated the distance from our houses to school. from our houses to some of our friends houses looking at the maps and identifying the components of online maps. (We will compare these to paper maps further on in the unit but for now we're having too much fun on Google Maps!) We also used "Street View" to help us navigate around our local neighborhood and change in and out of "Birds Eye View" and "Street View".

On Thursday we looked at the distance from our houses to various land marks both within Australia and Internationally. We focused on the function of Google Maps that calculates not only the distance between two places but the various modes of transport you can use and the time it would take to use travel. 

There were some interesting statistics!

  • It would take 119 hours to walk from school to Dream World!
  • It would take Ace 4 hours and 55 minutes to ride his bike to Jamberoo Recreation Park!
  • It would take Darwyn more than 40 hours to drive to Darwin!
  • We would have to catch 2 trains and 2 buses to get to the Opera House in Syndey.

+ Addition +

We are AWESOME at ADDITION!!!!!!!
Today we used lollies as base ten blocks, where students solved BIGGER addition problems than they've ever tackled before!!

The musk sticks represent the tens.  The M&M's represent the ones.  Students selected a card with an addition question on it, then used the lollies to model and solve the question. 

Once they began modelling the problem and adding the ones (M&M's) before the tens (musk sticks)column, some students began to see that they could work out the answer using the same adding method, but WITHOUT the musk sticks!


I filled the board with addition sums and we challenged ourselves to finish as many as we could! Unfortunately there's no pics of the competitors hard at work, only a snapshot of the board!

Making maps for the Ozobots

This week we began making maps for the Ozobots.

We used codes within the maps to give the ozobots different commands. 

We learnt lots of new skills while mapping when we tested some of the maps. 
some of these include:
- the black guiding lines need to be at least 1 cm apart other wise the Ozobots get confussed and mix up their path.
- the coloured codes can't be too small otherwise the Ozobots do not recognise them.
- the black guiding lines need to be nice and thick in order for the Ozobot to recognise the path.
- the coloured textas used to put the codes on the map need to be a certain brand of texta as some brands seem to be too dark.

As we keep making maps we will continue to add to this list! Stay tuned for more tips and things we learn about mapping along the way!



Monday, 14 August 2017


We have been thoroughly enjoying Chapel this term. Many of the members of 2W have been apart of the Stage 1 Worship Choir who lead worship each time we meet. We have been honored to lead the Primary School in two songs this term:

We will also be launching the following song in Week 9!
- Nothing is Impossible (Planet Shakers)

It has been so lovely to have some of the 2W parents join us for Chapel in the church.
If you are free on the Wednesday the 13th of September from 8:45am - 9:30am we'd love for you to join us!

2W Technology Museum!

A reminder that this week for news your child is encouraged to bring in a piece of outdated or old technology and show this to the class.

Thank you to those families who have already sent in some incredible items for our class Museum. We look forward to learning all about these pieces on Friday for news and throughout the rest of the term.

The Three Little Pigs

The first story of our new Writing Unit was the Three Little Pigs. 

We have been looking at all the phases of writing including pre-writing, drafting, editing AND publishing. Have a look at our published stories! 

We are about as happy as a pig in mud with how they turned out!