Monday, 7 August 2017

EXCURSION Wednesday 9th August 2017

Stage 1 are really excited for their excursion on Wednesday. 

Students will be dropped off on College Street opposite Hyde Park, if you would like to attend please let you classroom teacher know so we can make sure we meet you on site. 

If you would like some further information about the day I have attached the link

The Australian Museum 

Just a quick reminder:

  • We need to leave MACC by 7.30am to ensure we will be on site on time for the first session.
  • We hope to be back by 2.55pm, however if there is traffic I will notify the college and you will receive an email if we will be late.
  • Students do not need to take their hats but will need their blazer. Students need to wear their full winter uniform.
  • Please send food and drinks in a labelled plastic bag
We are looking forward to a great day! See you all bright and early on Wednesday morning. 

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