Saturday, 19 August 2017

Making maps for the Ozobots

This week we began making maps for the Ozobots.

We used codes within the maps to give the ozobots different commands. 

We learnt lots of new skills while mapping when we tested some of the maps. 
some of these include:
- the black guiding lines need to be at least 1 cm apart other wise the Ozobots get confussed and mix up their path.
- the coloured codes can't be too small otherwise the Ozobots do not recognise them.
- the black guiding lines need to be nice and thick in order for the Ozobot to recognise the path.
- the coloured textas used to put the codes on the map need to be a certain brand of texta as some brands seem to be too dark.

As we keep making maps we will continue to add to this list! Stay tuned for more tips and things we learn about mapping along the way!



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