Thursday, 24 August 2017

My Oh My What a Marvelous Time Measuring

This week in Maths we have explored Measurement.

In pairs we used a 100cm (1m) ruler to measure various parts of our body.

The length of Zoey's knee to her ankle is 34cm!
The length of Mikayla's elbow to her wrist is 28cm!
The width of Isaac's smile is 8cm!
the distance from one of Archer's shoulders to the other is 30cm!
Dwayne's hair is 7cm long!
Molly's pinky is 3cm!
Tiago's head is 17cm long!
Harry's eye is 3cm long!
The distance from Lacey's elbow to the tip of the fingers is 27cm!
Eddie's thumb is 4cm!
Ben's foot is 25cm long!
Aiden's hair is between 4 and 5cm long!
The length of Piper's leg from her hip to her knee is 44cm!
Jett's leg is 68cm long! 
The length of Rhea's hair is 57cm!
The length of Ace's nose from bridge to tip is 3 (almost 4) cm!
Josh's eyes are 2cm apart!

We also measured how tall we are in cm, comparing our height to the heights of other famous people and characters we know. 
This info will be posted ASAP!

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