Wednesday, 9 August 2017

SCIENCE Excursion!

Science Festival Expo

Corresponding with National Science Week, the Australian Museum Science Festival held Australia’s largest school science festival... and it was AWESOME! 
Here are some pics to prove it!
Darwyn & his mate Albert!
Eddie conducting electricity
Dwayne & a deep sea fish

Rhea using the National Parks App.
Mikayla playing a virtual reality game as Piper & Archer watch on

Lacey & Katelyn learning all about 3D printing

Darwyn catching a frizzbe thrown by a robot!

Ben making a wind turbine 

Dwayne checking out what germs look like under a microscope

Look closely and the image on the screen is a close up of Dwayne's tonsils!

Zoey making some optical illusions

Ben putting his mathematical problem solving skills to the test!

Molly listening to some cool low tones

Artificial Snow!

Ewan checking out the Optical Illusion exhibition

Isaac learning about 3D printing

Aiden and Josh learning how to operate the robots that can throw

Katelyn refilling the frizz-be throwing robot

Lacey attempting to catch a friz-be thrown by a robot

Tiago looking at all different material under a microscope

Tiago looking at all different material under a microscope

Zoey making an optical Illusion 

Another keen user of the National Parks App.

Darywn and a friend checking out some deep sea creatures

Watch out Dwayne! It's a sharks jaw!

Ace conducting electricity

Harry trying his best to beat the optical illusion

Artificial Snow! 
Aiden loving the virtual reality game

Molly having a look at solar lights made by Australian children and sent help children in other countries

Tiago and Isaac making a wind turbine

Eddie looking at different materials under a microscope

Jett and Rhea making optical illusions 
Katelyn and Lacey using their mathematical problem solving skills

Piper & Mikayla conducting electricity 
Jett designing an optical illusion

Eddie looking at germs under a microscope

Archer attempting to catch a frizz-be thrown by a robot

Tiago making a wind turbine 

Archer learning all about weird and wacky animals

Molly and Rhea testing out their hearing

Ewan learning some amazing facts about plants

Mikayla playing a game

Isaac remembered lots from our Term 1 unit on mixtures and was able to answer some amazing questions here at the Nutty Scientist stand

Aiden, Eddie & Lacey learning about electricity 

Fire, Earth, Water & Air Show

In this show we witnessed the melting, freezing and evaporating powers of energy. Using a variety of cutting edge fiery and explosive demonstrations, we watched one EXCITING and ENGAGING science show and learnt so much about the world around us. We learnt facts about chemical and physical changes as well as different forms of energy. They even threw in some facts about fireworks!
Ready to watch & learn!

BOYYYSSS!- Tiago, Ace, Harry, Ewan, Archer & Dwayne

Tiago, Josh & Ben!

Kateyln & Mikayla

Science man Steve

Eddie, Lacey & Darwyn

Science Lady Sam showing us a wind shooter!

Red Flame 
Yellow Flame

Blue Flame

I wonder what happens when you put a balloon in liquid nitrogen?

I scream, you scream, we all cream for... ROCKETS!

Dirty Nappy Science!


The big finale!

The Sound Effects Show

Ready to watch!
Trying to make a noise by vibrating our hand. We learnt that for our movement to make a sound we would need to vibrate/move out hand 20000 times per second!

Mikayla was selected to help the presenter play an instrument

The presenter playing a Chicken Cup instrument! We learnt that the smaller the container the higher pitched the sound. 

Old McDonalds had a farm instrument style! Ewan was lucky enough to be asked to join in!

Snack time!

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