Monday, 7 August 2017


What a book!
         What incredible writers! 
                   What an amazing afternoon!

Thank you to all our families and special guests for celebrating the launch of 2W's very own book!
We were thrilled to read you these incredible books for the first time!
Coming home is a photo of each student reading to their special guest as a memento of the afternoon.

If you missed the beginning of the Book Launch you may have missed our explanation of how these incredible books came to be written. Below is the script read by the students explaining this task.

1. Good afternoon Mr Korocz, Mrs Pope and families. Welcome to the launch of one of the most anticipated books of the year.
2. During the last few weeks of Term 2 we studied a wordless book called “The Chicken Thief”. We learnt that an author doesn’t always need words to tell a story. We learnt how to read and understand books that only have pictures- No words at all!
3. But…. The Chicken Thief is no longer a wordless book. We each wrote our own narrative to match the story told by the pictures.
4. We wrote our stories by focusing on just 1 picture at a time, building our writing stamina and completing the book over a period of 1 week. Once we had drafted the story some of us were able to peer edit each other’s stories, giving feedback to our friends to help improve their stories, their spelling and their grammar.
5.  We also got to spend some time conferencing with Miss Woodcock. Where we read our stories aloud which helped us find any errors or missed words. Our stories were then typed and printed into the masterpieces we have ready to read to you this afternoon!
6. We learnt lots of things when we wrote this book. We had a class discussion where Miss Woodcock let US think about why we did this task and what we learnt from it. Our ideas are on the board behind me.
7. We are now going to move outside and find a quiet space to read and share these books with you for the first time! Please listen to the instructions. 


The class collection of stories along with our Chicken prop

2W ready and waiting for the book launch!

Tiago and his friend Stuey

Eddie and Susanna- MACC's awesome Community Engagement Officer

Ewan and his Dad
Aiden reading to his Dad

Molly sharing her book with her sister Maddy

Archer and his Mum

Jett's family deep in conversation

Isaac reading The Chicken Thief to his brother Josh

Ben sharing some of his other writing with Mr Korocz

Ace reading The Chicken Thief to his Mum and sister April

Harry and his Mum

Zoey reading with her Mum

The whole family enjoying The Chicken Thief

Katelyn sharing her story with her Dad

Darwyn reading to his Special Guest

Mikayla and Piper reading 

Mrs Pope enjoying the Book Launch with Lacey

Rhea sharing her story with her Mum

Dwayne and his Mum

Josh busy reading to his Grandparents

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