Saturday, 19 August 2017

Where In The World Are We!?!

To help us understand our position and location in the world we have been using Google Maps.

We have used Google Maps to explore Australia's location in the world, New South Wales location in Australia and the location of our home in relation to all of these places.

We have investigated the distance from our houses to school. from our houses to some of our friends houses looking at the maps and identifying the components of online maps. (We will compare these to paper maps further on in the unit but for now we're having too much fun on Google Maps!) We also used "Street View" to help us navigate around our local neighborhood and change in and out of "Birds Eye View" and "Street View".

On Thursday we looked at the distance from our houses to various land marks both within Australia and Internationally. We focused on the function of Google Maps that calculates not only the distance between two places but the various modes of transport you can use and the time it would take to use travel. 

There were some interesting statistics!

  • It would take 119 hours to walk from school to Dream World!
  • It would take Ace 4 hours and 55 minutes to ride his bike to Jamberoo Recreation Park!
  • It would take Darwyn more than 40 hours to drive to Darwin!
  • We would have to catch 2 trains and 2 buses to get to the Opera House in Syndey.

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