Sunday, 17 September 2017


What a fabulous effort and performance at the Primary Assembly on Thursday!
On Friday the students received a little congratulatory gift to celebrate all their hard work and bravery in performing at Assembly!
Hats off to you 2W! You are Awesome!

This pack contained:
- a star Post it note: because 2W were the STAR of the show!
- a pencil: because they did a "sharp" performace!
- a fantale lolly: because Miss Woodcock is 2W's biggest FAN!
a freddo: a sweet treat, for a SWEET performace
.... but mostly just because everyone loves chocolate!

Just a tip- if your child would like their 2W shirt to last as long as possible gently HAND WASH ONLY! The paint is acrylic and the names were written in permanent marker, but the less you wash it the longer it will remain in tact! 

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