Tuesday, 5 September 2017

PIP Example

In preparation for students bringing home their PIP journals TOMORROW, this afternoon I showed the class examples of ways they can publish their PIP. 

The item of technology / invention I researched was the Refrigerator.

I used a PIP journal, the same as the children to answer the questions and document my information.

I then published this in different ways:

Poster- with all the information and answers to the questions. To be creative I have hidden within the contents/food items in the refrigerator.  

Typed Page- this had both the questions and answers typed using Microsoft Word. I explained to the students that if they chose to type their answers they could either print this at home, email to myself, or bring the document in on a USB and I would arrange printing here at school. This document contained minimal pictures however the students can be more creative adding further pictures and diagrams. 

Tomorrow I will also model the following to the students:

PowerPoint- each new slide answered a different question. This was not too fancy- it didn't have too many moving images or features, however the students can be as creative as they wish. This may include links to videos etc should your child wish to include these in the presentation of their PIP. 

Typed Book- this was very similar to the Power point, each new page contained both the question I researched as well as the answer. The book however contained more pictures.

We discussed that whether the students hand wrote of typed their information/answers they were all using items of technology (textas, computers, programs, printers, email etc)

As I displayed these published PIP's to the class I modeled the verbal presentation, making sure I talked about each of the questions I had researched, spoke using a clear voice, made eye contact and gave time for questions including why I had chosen to research this invention

Please see pics below for examples :)


Typed Page- Microsoft Word

PowerPoint- Will be posted following presentation to class tomorrow

Book- Will be posted following presentation to class tomorrow

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