Friday, 8 September 2017

STEM Activities based on Dr Seuss

Following today's parade 2W returned to class and participated in some fun STEM activities related to Dr Seuss books. 

The first activity was based on Cat in the Hat. 
In groups students used cups and paper to create the tallest tower. Each group received identical materials:
20 cups

5 pieces of assorted paper & cardboard
1 pair of scissors

Groups could use these materials in any way.
Check out some great photos below.

Thank you Mrs Manlo for joining us for this activity and helping us!

Thanks to Josh's Granddad for sharing his wisdom and helping us!

An action shot of Mrs Fletcher getting in on the action!

Mr Brennan watching on, giving advise and helping this team succeed!

It's not just the children that enjoyed today's activity.
Here's a pic of Mikayla's Grandma giving it a go! 
Mrs Goodyear creating a large base with the cups and adding some cardboard as support... She might be onto something here!

Based on the book "Ten Apples Up On Top" we then tried to stack APPLES!
This was much harder than the cups. Some great conversations were had discussing why this was, including the bumpy base, the pointy top and the weight if the apples.
We then added some play dough to the list of "Approved Materials!"

Mrs Goodwin busy rolling play dough, used to hold the apples together!

Thanks to all parents who popped in throughout the morning's STEM activities! 
It was so great to have you with us. A+ for your efforts and creativity during the lesson!

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