Wednesday, 8 November 2017


Sometimes Term 4 can be all about tests and reports...

We make sure we find the most engaging and effective way to assess our knowledge. 

This comes in three forms- prior to learning a topic we may discuss or demonstrate the knowledge that we already have on this topic. This then informs Miss Woodcock about what the class actually knows, and therefore where to teach from and what to teach! Miss Woodcock then makes judgments on what she sees "while" we're learning. At the end of a topic, to see exactly the knowledge or skills we were able to gain from these lessons or experiences, we do a post assessment activity.

One of our favourite Assessment tools is Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game-based App, found on the iPads which contains a number of quiz style, multiple choice questions. There is also a challenge competent which fosters some healthy competition within the classroom. Miss Woodcock either selects the Kahoot Quiz, or makes her own, depending on the topic. Throughout the year 2W have done Kahoot's on all subjects studied this year. We have completed Kahoot's on Australian Capital Cities, Addition, Shapes, David and Goliath, Keeping Healthy, 3D Shapes, times tables, Push & Pull, place value and Easter!!

Download the App and try it out at home!

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