Wednesday, 8 November 2017


This term our class was privileged to be selected to participate in a Primary Connections Science Unit trial on MACHINES!

Put simply- the writers of some awesome Science programs chose 2W to preview some top secret lessons before they hit schools next year.

Machines are all around us. Cars, cranes, dishwashers, computers and power saws are all
examples of complex machines and all make a particular task easier to complete. However,
these complex machines are made up of a number of simpler machines.
In the most general sense, a machine is any device that can be used to perform a task.
Scientists describe a machine as a device for transmitting or modifying a force or motion.
Something as simple as a stick can be considered a machine, as you push one side and it
transmits that push to the other side. Almost all machines used in our daily lives are made up
of a combination of six simple machines that are described as levers, wheels and axles,
inclined planes (ramps), gears, and pulleys.

To capture students’ interest and find out what they think they know about how a push or a pull affects how an object moves, we  made a Dog Feeder!

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