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Each week this term, students are encouraged to complete the following:
  • Sight Words
  • Home Reading
  • Mathletics
In addition, students are also encouraged to prepare News topics to share each week and Personal Interest Projects (PIPs) as part of Homework. A variety of extra options to complete for Homework are available on the weekly activity grids for families wanting that option (scroll down to see below). This is an update to information communicated about Homework this term, following feedback from some families. We highly value your input so please let us know any further thoughts or ideas you have about homework and projects.   

Prepared News Topics

Please see below information regarding the Term 3 Weekly News Topics: 

Personal Interest Projects

Please see below information regarding Term 3's PIP/ Research Task:


Should your child wish to further research their Invention/item of technology at home prior to their Journal being sent home, here is a list of the students chosen topics:

Ben- consoles
Jett- Toilets
Tiago- Cars
Harry- Pillows
Ace- Soccerboots
Isaac- Pyramids
Katelyn- Printers
Aiden- racing cars
Archer- Dirt Bikes
Josh- Drones
Zoey- Electric Blanket
Lacey-  Vaccum Cleaner
Mikayla- Hot air Balloon
Piper- cell phone
Dwayne-  ozobots
Eddie- Xbox
Rhea-   Motor Bikes

If your child's name is not on the above list they were either absent or undecided, therefore they can chose any other invention not listed. 

See below a list of useful websites for the Invention Research Task:







Activity grids are provided to allow a range of activities for students to complete at home. They may to choose to complete all or just some of the activities on the grid for that particular week. Please remember that whilst all Homework in Stage 1 at MACC is encouraged, it is optional and not compulsory. 

These will be sent home in Homework books and now collected each Thursday and handed back on Friday.

 Please see note below with further information:

Sight Words

Students are encouraged to practice their Sight Words to assist them in mastering them and developing their overall literacy skills and fluency. Students will continue being tested weekly starting from the level they achieved last year in Year 1. If your child completed the Sight Words program in Year 1, they can use their Sight Words booklet for revision purposes. 

Home Reading

Students are encouraged to engage in reading for 10-15 minutes each night, as per our MACC Primary Homework Policy suggestion (see document below). Home Reading books are leveled and go up to level 18.


Mathletics activities are updated to coincide with topics and content currently being explored in class. As we progress through the year, more topics and tasks will appear on our Mathletics login pages. We encourage the students to keep persevering with challenging tasks in order to improve their speed and accuracy. To go to Mathletics, follow this link and use the log-in card which will be sent home with your child's log-in details: 


Here is our MACC Primary Homework Policy...

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